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Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services

Product Vendors and Service Providers

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When you search or browse the database you will access vendor lists compiled by other organizations. PLEASE NOTE: Linking to these lists does not constitute "endorsement" of these products or companies on the part of the EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program. The vendor lists can be used to help purchasers obtain additional environmental information about particular product brands.

These vendor lists differ from each other in several ways:

Go to the home page link of the organization that compiled the vendor list to get more details on how each program generates its lists.

In addition, to get a product brand added to any vendor list in this database, please directly contact the organization that authored the vendor list via the contact information provided in the vendor list table.

Please help us make this database as useful as possible. If you would like to suggest a vendor list to be added to the database, please send the URL to James Darr (darr.james@epamail.epa.gov).

The following programs and organizations maintain vendors lists for environmentally preferable products and services. This listing is organized by product/service category. Sources that cover multiple categories are listed first.

Many of the sites listed on this page are not on the EPA Web site. Please see our disclaimer information. Exiting EPA

Multiple Product and Services Categories

Biobased Products

Cars and Trucks (Vehicles and Transportation Store — Highway Type)

Hospitals (Scientific/Medical Store — Healthcare Products)

Paper and Other Forest Products (Office Store — Paper Products)

Carpet (Hardware Store — Carpet)

Electronics (Furniture/Appliances Store — Electronics)

Water Fixtures (Hardware Store — Plumbing [Water Conservation])

Green Power (Industrial Store — Electricity [Green Power])

Programs in Other Countries

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