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Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services

Browse the EPP Database - List of Stores

Browse the EPP Database

The EPP Database is organized like a shopping mall with environmental information for selected products and services located within each store. A list of the current stores is provided below.

Computer Store
Computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and other computer needs
Furniture/Appliances Store
Home and office furniture and appliances; home electronic products such as TVs, VCRs, and stereo equipment
Grocery/Miscellaneous Store
Grocery items; clothing, linens, paper and paper products
Hardware Store
Hardware, construction, renovation, cleaning, landscaping, and gardening products
Industrial Store
Industrial-grade equipment, packaging, and other products
Office Store
Office products
Scientific/Medical Store
Scientific and medical products and services such as medical disinfectants, petri dishes, and assorted labware
Services Store
Environmentally preferable services, including janitorial, automotive maintenance, and printing services
Specialty Store
Products for meetings, conferences, and travel; firefighting and emergency equipment; environmental protection; and timepieces
Vehicles and Transportation Store
Products including vehicles, engine oils, airfield de-icers, and road maintenance equipment. Services, including automotive repair, car washes, and car-sharing agencies, are also located in this store.

As you browse each store, if you note any missing information or have suggestions for improving the database, please contact us.

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