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Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services

Other Useful Sources of Information

EPP Database

In addition to EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, there are a number of other federal programs, state and local governments, and independent organizations promoting the purchase of environmentally preferable products and services. The following list provides links to these other major organizations and programs. For non-Federal programs, please see our disclaimer information. Exiting EPA

Federal Programs

Ability One

The AbilityOne Program is a federal initiative to help people who are blind or have other severe disabilities find employment by working for nonprofit agencies (NPAs) that sell products and/or services to the U.S. government. The program’s SKILCRAFT brand includes environmentally preferable, biodegradable products such as cleaning and janitorial supplies, office supplies, aerosol paints and primers, and mats.

Biopreferred Products

The BioPreferredSM program is a mandatory purchasing program managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA designates renewable, environmentally friendly biobased products for preferential purchase by federal agencies and maintains a catalog of designated products.

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)

The Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) program is a regulatory program managed by EPA that designates recycled-content products for preferential purchase by agencies using appropriated federal funds. The program provides a listing of products and vendors for designated items.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Design for the Environment

Design for the Environment (DfE) recognizes safer consumer, industrial, and institutional products. Products that this program has determined are effective and protective of health and the environment carry the DfE logo.

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary partnership among the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, product manufacturers, local utilities, and retailers. Partners help promote efficient products by labeling with the ENERGY STAR® logo and educating consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)

EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program verifies the performance of new technologies that have the potential to improve protection of human health and the environment. The ETV Program also provides performance data for commercial-ready environmental technologies.

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

Run by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) helps federal agencies implement sound, cost-effective energy management and investment practices.

Significant New Alternatives Policy Program (SNAP)

EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program evaluates and regulates substitutes for the ozone-depleting chemicals that are being phased out under the stratospheric ozone protection provisions of the Clean Air Act (CAA). Substitutes are reviewed on the basis of ozone depletion potential, global warming potential, toxicity, flammability, and exposure potential as described in the final SNAP rule (59 FR 13044; 967K). Lists of acceptable and unacceptable substitutes are updated several times each year.

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) (Also visit www.gsa.gov/enviro)

These portal GSA sites summarize environmental products and services available through GSA’s the Federal Acquisition Service; link to federal green purchasing programs such as ENERGY STARŪ, USDA BioPreferred, and EPA’s CPG program; and provide access to GSA schedules for environmentally preferable services including leasing alternative fuel vehicles, integrated pest management services, telecommuting services, and more.


WaterSense is an EPA partnership program that encourages the purchase and use of water-efficient consumer products. WaterSense partners with irrigation professionals and irrigation certification programs to promote water-efficient landscape irrigation practices. WaterSense is also partnering with manufacturers, retailers and distributors, and utilities to bring WaterSense-labeled water-efficient products to the marketplace.

EPA Regional Pollution Prevention (P2) Programs:

Region 1 (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)

U.S. EPA Region 1
Office of Environmental Stewardship
1 Congress St., Suite 1100 (SPN)
Boston MA 02114-2023
Fax: 617-918-1810

Contact: Robert Guillemin
Phone: 617-918-1814

Region 2 (NJ, NY, PR, VI)

US EPA Region 2 (SPMMB)
290 Broadway 25th Fl
New York, NY 10007-1866
Fax: 212-637-3771

Contact: Alex Peck
Phone: 212-637-3758

Region 3 (DE, DC, MD, PA, VA, WV)

US EPA Region 3 (3HS32)
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Fax: 215-814-3274

Contact: Mindee Osno
Phone: 215-814-2074

Contact: Evelyn Velazquez
Phone: 215-814-5412

Region 4 (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN)

US EPA Region 4
Air, Pesticide & Toxics Mgmt Division
Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth St SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Contact: Pamela Swingle
Phone: 404-562-8482

Contact: Suganthi Simon
Phone: 404-562-9384

Region 5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI)

US EPA Region 5 (DW-8J)
Waste, Pesticide and Toxics Division
77 West Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604-3590

Contact: Phil Kaplan
Phone: 312-353-4669
Fax: 312-353-4788

Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)

US EPA Region 6 (6EN-XP)
Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Division
1445 Ross Ave, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75202
Fax: 214-665-7446

Contact: David Bond
Phone: 214-665-6431

Contact: Annette Smith
Phone: 214-665-2127

Region 7 (IA, KS, MO, NE)

U.S. EPA Region 7 (ARTD/SWPP)
901 N 5th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Fax: 913-551-7065

Contact: Marcus Rivas
Phone: 913-551-7669

Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)

U.S. EPA Region 8 (8P-P3T)
Office of P2, State and Tribal Assistance
999 18th St., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202-2466

Contact: Linda Walters
Phone: 303 312-6385
Fax: 303-312-6339

Region 9 (AZ, CA, HI, NV, AS, GU)

U.S. EPA Region 9 (WST-7)
Waste Division
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
Fax: 415-744-1680

Contact: Eileen Sheehan
Phone: 415-972-3287

Contact: John Katz
Phone: 415-972-3283

Contact: Leif Magnuson
Phone: 415-972-3286

Contact: Jessica Counts
Phone: 415-972-3288

Contact: Wendi Shafir
Phone: 415-972-3422

Contact: Anrdre Villasenor
Phone: 213-244-1813

Region 10 (AK, ID, OR, WA)

U.S. EPA Region 10 (OEA-095)
Office of Innovation 01-085
1200 Sixth Ave, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98101
Fax: 206 553-8338

Contact: Carolyn Gangmark
Phone: 206-553-4072

Contact: Robert Drake
Phone: 206-553-4803

Other Organizations and Programs

State and Local Government Programs

California Integrated Waste Management Board—Recycled Content Product Directory

This directory is designed to help individuals, small business owners, state agencies, and corporate buyers in the commitment to buy recycled. The RCP Directory lists thousands of products containing recycled materials as well as information about the manufacturers, distributors and re-processors of these products.

King County, Washington, Recycled Product Procurement Program

Includes bid and contract specifications for recycled products and provides examples of departments using recycled products.

Massachusetts EPP Procurement Program Web Site

Describes environmental products available on state contracts; lists state agencies piloting various recycled products; and reports on Massachusetts' EPP efforts.

Minnesota Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Program

Provides details of Minnesota's environmentally responsible purchasing program.

New York State Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Provides details of New York State's environmentally responsible purchasing program and policies, as well as a database of green cleaning products developed by the New York Office of General Services.

Washington State Purchasing Reference Guide for EPP

Provides resources for buyers at state agencies, colleges, and universities, and political subdivisions.

Organizations Facilitating Public Sector EPP

Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)

Provides a comprehensive list of EPP resources and links to public- and private-sector EPP information.

Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN)

Managed by the Center for a New American Dream, the Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) is a membership program providing procurement tools and resources to help institutional purchasers implement environmentally preferable purchasing.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

The U.S. Green Building Council promotes environmental responsibility in the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of buildings. It manages the Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED).

P2Rx Regional Information Centers in EPA Regions

Regions 1 and 2 (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)

Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA)
129 Portland St., Suite 602
Boston, MA 02114-2014
617-367-8558 #306
617-367-0449 (FAX)
Contact: abray@newmoa.org

NEWMOA is an interstate association that has a membership composed of the hazardous waste, solid waste, waste site cleanup, and pollution prevention programs in the Northeast states. NEWMOA's mission is to develop and sustain an effective partnership of states to explore, develop, promote, and implement environmentally sound solutions for the reduction and management of materials and waste, and for the remediation of contaminated sites, in order to achieve a clean and healthy environment.

Regions 3 and 4 (AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, KY, MD, MS, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV)

Waste Reduction Resource Center (WRRC)
1639 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1639
919-715-1612 (FAX)
Contact: wrrc@p2pays.org

The Waste Reduction Resource Center (WRRC) provides pollution prevention technical support to the states in EPA Regions 3 and 4. WRRC is a member of the P2Rx network of regional centers.

Region 5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA, WI, Ontario, Canada)

Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR)
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
One E. Hazelwood Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820
217-333-8944 (FAX)
Contact: glrppr@istc.illinois.edu

The Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting information exchange and providing networking opportunities. GLRPPR’s membership consists of assistance providers, business, industry, governmental agencies, NGO’s, non-profits, consultants, vendors, universities, etc. from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario. GLRPPR also has members that are located outside of the Great Lakes region, but have similar environmental priorities and concerns.

Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)

Zero Waste Network
University of Texas Arlington
Center for Environmental Excellence
9111 Jollyville Road Suite 111
Austin, Texas 78759
512-904-2288 (FAX)
Contact: admin@zerowastenetwork.org

The Southwest Network for Zero Waste is a group of environmental professionals dedicated to finding money-saving options for conserving our natural resources. It is a collaborative project of the U.S. EPA, the University of Texas, and regional environmental agencies - that works to identify pollution prevention options for large and small businesses as well as consumers.

Region 7 (IA, KS, MO, NE)

Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC)
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge St., RH 308
Omaha, NE 68182
402-554-6260 (FAX)
Contact: contact@p2ric.org

Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC) strives to improve resource sharing between the programs, businesses, and agencies of EPA Region 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska) that provide waste reduction services and expertise to business and industry.

Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)

Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center
Montana State University Extension Service
PO Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717
406-994-5417 (FAX)
Contact: information@peakstoprairies.org

In cooperation with EPA Region 8 states, Peaks to Prairies encourages adoption of pollution prevention practices by citizens, small businesses, and local governments. The Center offers access to current information and contacts, encourages collaboration and leveraging of resources between programs, and builds information systems to enhance information dissemination.

Region 9 (AZ, CA, HI, NV )

Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN)
P.O. Box 152250
Las Vegas, NV 89114-5225
702-866-6800 (FAX)
Contact: wrppn@westp2net.org

The Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN) is a strategic alliance involving local, state, federal and tribal pollution prevention (P2) programs throughout EPA Region 9, which includes the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, the Tribal Lands and the Trust Territories of Guam and American Samoa. WRPPN was established in 1997 by the U.S. EPA to improve communication and information dissemination among network members to maximize efficiency of P2 implementation.

Region 10 (WA, ID, OR, AK )

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)
1402 Third Ave. Suite 1420
Seattle, WA 98101
206-352-2049 (FAX)
Contact: office@pprc.org

PPRC is a non-profit organization that is the Northwest's leading source of high quality, unbiased pollution prevention (P2) information. PPRC works collaboratively to promote environmental protection through pollution prevention. PPRC believes that environmental and economic vitality go hand in hand, and that both are necessary to protect the high quality of life enjoyed in our region.

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