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Hardware Store - Pest Control

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Date Finalized
Limited Substances
Other Attributes
Integrated Pest Management USA - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Web site None stated Less hazardous November 2001 
Integrated Pest Management USA - Commonwealth of Massachusetts 617-720-3356 None stated Less hazardous  
Integrated Pest Management USA - EcoWise ts@ecowisecertified.org None stated None stated 6/8/2008 
Integrated Pest Management USA - State of New York Web site None stated Energy savings 4/1/2002 
Integrated Pest Managment USA - Missouri Center for Safe Schools thompsonrs@umkc.edu None stated Less hazardous 8/11/2005 
Pesticides: Integrated Pest Management USA - U.S. General Services Administration Web site Pesticides
Reduced pesticide use 09/26/03 
Pesticides: Integrated Pest Management for Schools USA - EPA Region 9 Pesticides None stated  
Pesticides: Rodent Control at Schools USA - EPA Region 9 Pesticides None stated  

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