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Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services

About the EPP Database

EPP Database

EPA launched the EPP Database in 1999 in response to customer demand for a one-stop shop for environmental information on products and services the federal government buys.

How to Use the Database

The database is organized like a shopping mall with a selection of "stores." Review the list of stores here. Each "store" is organized into "aisles" (product categories) that group similar types of products and services.

The database can be navigated in two ways:

Both options can be accessed using the navigation tabs located across the top of the pages on this site.

When you go to an “aisle” (product category) page you can review four types of information:

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have complete information in some product categories. For example, while we might have vendor lists for a product category, we might not have sample contract language. We recommend checking all four information links on each product page to conduct a thorough search.

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