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Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services

EPP Database

Welcome to the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Database—a tool to facilitate the purchase of products and services with reduced environmental impacts. The database contains information on mandatory purchase programs contained in FAR Part 23 (Energy Star, CPG, and Biopreferred Products) as well as environmental products available through supply programs such as Ability One and the U.S. General Services Administration.

This database links you to:

If you are already familiar with the structure of this database, BEGIN YOUR SEARCH. Otherwise, please read About the EPP Database to learn how to use this resource.

Please note, the EPP Database lists environmental standards and contract specifications for a wide variety of products and services by linking to the organization that developed a standard or specification. Some of those organizations also provide lists of vendors or products meeting their standards.

The EPP program does not endorse or make decisions about the inclusion of specific products, manufacturers, or service providers in the Database and does not directly list specific brand name products or services in the EPP Database.

Please also note that EPA does not endorse or verify the information contained in this database. EPA is providing access to this information to show how others are identifying and purchasing products and services they consider to be environmentally preferable.

The EPP Database is updated on a biannual basis. The current version was updated in July 2012. If you have any suggestions to improve the content or function of the database, please contact us.

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