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Record Number:
FY 12 - 446
Procurement Title:
Support Services for Vehicle and Engine Testing
Description of Acquisition:
Conduct testing of vehicles and engines at EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, support of EPA’s imports program, tracking defect reports and voluntary emissions recall reports, In-use compliance and evaluation testing. Vehicles and engines are defined to include light-duty vehicles (cars, vans, pickups, etc.), heavy-duty trucks and engines. Engines are defined as heavy-duty engines, small hand held, nonroad (including lawnmowers, marine, tractors, etc.), developmental, advanced testing, manufacturer loan and heavy-duty construction engines. The vehicles and engines will be used for EPA’s in-use testing program and several other programs.
Procurement Office:
Cincinnati Procurement Operations Division (CPOD)
End User by AAship or Region:
End User by Program Office,
Division or Laboratory:
Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ)
NAICS Code Title:
Engineering Services
NAICS Code Size Standard:
$14.0 million
Contract Type:
Cost Plus Fixed Fee anticipated
Procurement Method:
Full and Open Competition or Competitive anticipated
Estimated Dollar Range:
>$3M - $5M
Place of Performance:
EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
Solicitation Issue Date (by Quarter):
FY 2012 - Q3
Target Award Date (by Quarter):
FY 2013 - Q4
EPA Contact:
Angela Lower
Other Procurement Information:
Follow on to EPC07050. Exclusion of sources, i.e., auto manufacturers, anticipated due to unavoidable conflict of interest.
Contract Awarded - See below for Award information
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Company Name & Date:
JTI, Inc
Contract Award Number:
Statement of Work (Attachment(s) or Internet Link)
Draft: Support Services for Vehicle and Engine Testing-PWS.2012-2017.docx

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