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SI 445 - SI 445 Course Description

SI:445 Introduction to Baseline Source Inspection Techniques

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CLN 888

25 hours
2.5 CEU credits

Course Description
The goal of this course is to familiarize air pollution inspectors with the principles of baseline inspection techniques, to present basic descriptions of fan and ventilation system operations and specific air pollution control devices, and to present the applicable Level 1 and 2 inspection steps for these control devices. The course also presents general considerations for all facility inspections, including safety procedures.

Major Topics

    • Level 1 and 2 baseline inspection techniques
    • Follow-up Level 2 baseline inspection techniques (includes flow charting)
    • Inspection procedures for fabric filters, dry and wet scrubbers, mechanical collectors, carbon bed adsorbers, incinerators, and electrostatic precipitators
    • Control technology, air movement systems, and inspection safety procedures
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