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5. Introduction to Water Pollution Economic Assessments

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The Main Assessment View of the Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory database is divided into four types of economic assessments of water pollution regulations:

Drinking water standards and regulations (more than 20 standards or regulations)
Effluent guidelines and related regulations (more than 50 industries or industrial segments)
Nonpoint source pollution control (more than 5 topics)
Surface water and ground water standards and regulations (more than 5 topics)

This section will examine the economic analysis contained in two documents, the economic analysis of effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the centralized waste treatment industry (reviewed in section 5.1) and the RIA for the proposed Great Lakes water quality guidance (reviewed in section 5.2). The CWT effluent guidelines are included within the second category above, while the Great Lakes water quality guidance is found in the fourth category. While the CTW effluent guidelines analysis is labeled cost-effectiveness, it actually includes nearly every type of analysis expected of an RIA according to the OMB guidelines.

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