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Actual Cost For Compliance With The Safe Drinking Water Act Standard For Radium 226 And Radium 228, Final Report.

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This study focused on the determination of real-life cost of compliance with the interim radium standard of 5 pCi/L for combined radium 226 and radium 228 to facilitate a better understanding of the impact of regulatory alternatives under consideration.
Data was compiled by contacting water treatment system personnel, and state and regional administrators within EPA regions 5 and 8. Specifically, eight state agency contacts and two regional contacts provided the data for this study. These states included in the study were: California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The contacts provided lists of communities currently exceeding the radium MCL with a history of contaminant noncompliance. This study involved the collection of data on the systems population served, average daily flow, design flow, treatment employed, year installed, capital cost, O&M cost, and disposal cost. However, all of the data were not obtained for all of the systems contacted. Section 2 of this document provides a summary of the state agency and EPA regional contacts that provided data or names of individuals in specific communities. Section 3 presents a summary of all the data collected and Section 4 provides a cost analysis focusing only on those systems providing adequate cost data in Illinois and Wisconsin. Detailed descriptions of systems are included with the corresponding actual costs reported by the system contact. The purpose of this study was to provide real-life data that could be used to validate cost of compliance analysis performed by other acceptable EPA procedures.

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Office of Water
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Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
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Standards and Risk Management Division
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Huber, David
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Cost Analysis
International Consultants, Inc.
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