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Economic Analysis For The Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, Final.

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EIA for final Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT1ESWTR). This rule was proposed along with the Filter Backwash Recycling Rule (FBRR) as one rule on April 10, 2000 (65 FR 19046) (see W.2000.5). The rules were split for final publication. This EIA addresses only those costs and benefits that apply to the LT1ESWTR.
Benefits were quantified and monetized for only the turbidity provisions of the rule. Benefits from other provisions of the rule are discussed qualitatively. Benefits were monetized for the decreased probability of cryptosporidiosis, the infection caused by Cryptosporidium. Reduced exposure to other pathogenic protozoa, such as Giardia, were not quantified.
The cost analysis includes labor costs associated with additional monitoring, reporting, and compliance requirements, as well as capital and O&M expenditures associated with changes in water treatment processes.
The economic impact analysis included distributional analysis for small entities, sensitive subpopulations, minority and low-income populations, and adverse effects on the supply, distribution, or use of energy.

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W.2001.5 B
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Office of Water
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Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
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No division specified
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Economic Impact Assessment
The Cadmus Group, Inc.
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