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Development Document For Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines And Standards For The Western Alkaline Coal Mining Subcategory.

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Presents background information used in development of the final rule, including industry characterization, best management practices (BMP), benefits of sediment control BMPs, and case studies. The information has been updated and expanded from the BID for the proposed rule.

Reference #:
W.2001.13 B
EPA Office:
Office of Water
Office Suboffice:
Office of Science and Technology
Office Division:
Engineering and Analysis Division
EPA Author:
Telliard, William A.; Tinger, John
Document Type:
Background Cost-Related Document
Background Benefit-Related Document
DynCorp Information; Enterprise Technology
Document Status:
Document file(s):

Cover, Table of Contents (PDF, 812.6K, About PDF)

Section 1 - Background (PDF, 251.1K, About PDF)

Section 2 - Industry Characterization (PDF, 263.3K, About PDF)

Section 3 - Best Management Practices (PDF, 175.9K, About PDF)

Section 4 - Benefits of Sediment Control BMPs (PDF, 115.2K, About PDF)

Section 5 - Case Studies (PDF, 456.3K, About PDF)

Section 6 - References (PDF, 78.1K, About PDF)

Appendix A - Wyoming Coal Rules and Regulations, Chapter IV (PDF, 166.2K, About PDF)

Appendix B - Wyoming Guideline No. 15 (PDF, 107.1K, About PDF)

Appendix C - 19 NMAC 8.2, Subpart 20, Section 2009 (PDF, 81.6K, About PDF)

Appendix D - Mine Modeling and Performance Analysis - Model Input and Output Data (PDF, 285.8K, About PDF)

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