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Hazardous Waste TSDF--Background Information for Proposed RCRA Air Emission Standards, Volume 1- Chapter 1 -8 & Appendices A - C).

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Hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDF) managing wastes containing organics are potential sources of organic air emissions. These organic air emissions can contain toxic chemical compounds as well as ozone precursors. Cancer and other adverse noncancer human health effects can result from exposure to these organic air emissions. In addition, these emissions contribute to formation of ozone, which causes adverse impacts on human health (e.g., lung damage) and the environment (e.g., reduction in crop yields). Excessive ambient ozone concentrations are a major air quality problem in many large cities throughout the United States.

Air pollution; Volatile organic compounds; Hazardous waste; Treatment; Storage; Disposal
Reference #:
A.91.31 A
EPA Office:
Office of Air and Radiation
Office Suboffice:
Emissions Standards Division
Office Division:
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
EPA Author:
Jordan, Bruce C; Shedd, Stephen A.
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Cost Analysis
Economic Impact Assessment
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Not Reported

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