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Alternative Control Techniques Document--NOx Emissions from Process Heaters.

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This Alternative Control Techniques document describes available control techniques for reducing NOx emission levels from refinery and chemical industry process heaters. This document contains information on the formation of NOx and uncontrolled NOx emissions from process heaters. The following NOx control techniques for process heaters are discussed: low-NOx burners (LNB), ultra-low NOx burners (ULNB), flue gas recirculation (FGR), selective noncatalytic reduction (SNCR), and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). For each control technique, achievable controlled NOx emission levels, capital and annual costs, cost effectiveness, and environmental and energy impacts are presented.

Industry and chemical industry process heaters; Control techniques for NOx emissions; Low-NOx burners (LNB); Ultra-low NOx burners (ULNB); Selective noncatalytic reduction (SNCR); Selective catalytic reduction (SCR); Flue gas recirculation (FGR); Costs of NOx emission control
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A.93.56 B
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Emission Standards Division
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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Background Cost-Related Document
Midwest Research Institute
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Not Reported

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