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Economic Analysis For The TSCA Inventory Update, Final Rule.

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This report is an update of a 1985 analysis conducted by Mark Dreyfus, of the Regulatory Impacts Branch, Economics, and Technology Division, Office of Toxic Substances, for the costs of the 1986 rule for the "Partial Updating Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory Data Base; Production and Site Reports" (Inventory Update Rule -- 40 CFR Part 710, Subpart B) promulgated June 12, 1996 (51 FR 21438) by the Office of Toxic Substances of EPA. The original update rule and the current proposal, issued under the authority of section 8(a) of TSCA requires manufacturers and importers of certain chemical substances included on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory to report current data on the production volume, plant site, and site-limited status of the substances.
This report evaluates the costs that will be incurred by firms to report on the subset chemicals and the costs EPA will incur to process the information. Part II describes the current reporting alternatives. Part III describes the unit and summary costs of the proposed final rule. Because this rule is reported under section 8(a) of TSCA, small manufacturers are exempt from reporting and have been excluded from the costs calculated in Section III. Part IV presents an estimate of the costs which the Agency will incur as result of the proposed final rule.

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EPA Office:
Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
Office Suboffice:
Office of Toxic Substances
Office Division:
Economics and Technology Division
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Dreyfus, Mark K.; Long, James W.
Document Type:
Economic Impact Assessment
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