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Background Information For New Source Performance Standards: Asphalt Concrete Plants, Petroleum Refineries, Storage Vessels, Secondary Lead Smelters And Refineries, Brass And Bronze Ingot Production Plants, Iron And Steel Plants, And Sewage Treatment Plants, Volume 3, Promulgated Standards.

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This volume is the third in a series on standards of performance for asphalt concrete plants, petroleum refineries, storage vessels for petroleum liquids, secondary lead smelters, brass and bronze ingot production plants, iron and steel plants, and sewage treatment plants. The first two volumes gave background information and the data base for the proposed standards. This volume presents the promulgated standards and the rationale for any changes that were made, with particular attention to the problems of opacity and dilution air. Major comments received during the period for public comment are discussed where appropriate and are summarized with Agency responses in the appendix. The appendix also contains a list of commentators, new data for asphalt concrete plants, revised economic analyses for asphalt concrete plants and petroleum refineries, and errata for Volumes 1 and 2.

Air pollution; Pollution control; Performance standards; Asphalt concrete plants; Petroleum refineries; Lead smelters and refineries; Brass ingot production; Bronze ingot production; Steel production; Sewage treatment
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