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Application Of The Phase IV Land Disposal Restrictions To Newly Identified Mineral Processing Wastes; Regulatory Impact Analysis.

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Estimates the costs, economic impacts, and benefits of the Phase IV LDR rule on newly identified mineral processing wastes. Addresses regulatory options. Defines the universe and estimates waste volumes. Provides methodology used to assess cost, economic impacts, and benefits of this rule. Appendices include analysis of options under alternative baselines, methodology for identifying hazardous waste streams, mineral processing waste stream status changes since December 1995, mineral processing waste treatment and disposal costs, development of costing functions, explanation of cost modeling calculations, mineral processing cost model example calculation for the titanium and titanium dioxide sector, derivation of value of shipments and value added for mineral processing sectors, risk and benefits assessment for the storage of recycled materials, constituent concentration data for recycled materials, and data summaries for high-risk mineral processing facilities.
This is the RIA for the final rule. The RIA for the proposed rule is in S.97.7. The hard copy of this document in the file contains only the cost and economic impacts analysis. There is a benefits analysis (non-monetary) but it is not in the file.

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S.98.11 C
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Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
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Office of Solid Waste
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No division specified
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Regulatory Impact Analysis
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Not Reported

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