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Technical And Microeconomic Analysis: Arsenic And Its Compounds, Final Report.

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The role of arsenic (and its compounds) in the environment and in the economy of the United States was studied, to evaluate the need for and the projected effect of controlling its production, use, dissipation, and emission. The occurrence, chemistry, and toxicology were reviewed; the prevalence of arsenic as an impurity in commercial raw materials, processes, and products was systematically documented; the intentional commercial flow of arsenical products was quantified; the sources of pollution were identified and characterized; and the health hazards were evaluated.
The intentional production and use of arsenic and its compounds is greatly exceeded by the quantities unintentionally mobilized by industrial activities. The arsenic currently in food and water presents no identifiable health hazard, and the present controls on arsenical products, by a number of Government agencies, appear adequate. Emissions to the air from high-temperature processes are large, particulate collection devices appear largely inadequate, and the dangers presented are of serious concern.

Arsenic; Arsenic trioxide; Arsenic compounds; Arsenic use; Arsenic pesticides; Arsenical wood preservatives; Arsenical insecticides; Arsenical herbicides; Arsenical defoliants and dessicants; Arsenical feed additives; Arsenic air pollution; Arsenic water pollution; Arsenic in land-destined wastes
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