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Background Documents For The Cost And Economic Impact Analysis Of Listing Four Petroleum Refining Wastes As Hazardous Under RCRA Subtitle C.

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Contains five individual documents: Cost and Economic Impact Analysis of Listing Hazardous Wastes from the Petroleum Refining Industry; Other Benefits from Recovery of Oil in Coker Processing Units; Impacts of SBREFA and Unfunded Mandates on the Proposed Petroleum Refining Hazardous Waste Listing; Cost Impact Analysis of the Definition of Solid Waste Headworks Exemption for the Proposed Listings of Three Petroleum Refining Industry Wastes; and Cost Impact Analysis of the Coking Exemption on Crude Oil Tank Sludge and Clarified Slurry Oil Sludge Compliance Costs from Listing as a RCRA Hazardous Waste. Also see S.99.16 for an addendum containing an analysis of the economic impacts on the municipal and industrial waste landfills of the listing.

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Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
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Office of Solid Waste
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Economics Methods and Risk Analysis Division
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Wittner, Andrew
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Background Cost-Related Document
DPRA Incorporated
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Not Reported

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