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Control Techniques For Nitrogen Oxides Emissions From Stationary Sources, Final Report, Second Edition.

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This second edition of CONTROL TECHNIQUES FOR NITROGEN OXIDES EMISSIONS FROM STATIONARY SOURCES (AP-67) presents recent developments of nitrogen oxides (NOx) control techniques which have become available since preparation of the first edition (published, March 1970). As required by Section 108 of the Clean Air Act, this second edition compiles the best available information on NOx emissions; achievable control levels and alternative methods of prevention and control of NOx emissions; alternative fuels, processes, and operating methods which reduce NOx emissions; cost of NOx control methods, installation, and operation; and the energy requirements and environmental impacts of the NOx emission control technology.
Each stationary source of NOx emissions is discussed along with the various control techniques and process modifications available to reduce NOx emissions. Various combinations of equipment process conditions and fuel types are identified and evaluated for NOx emission control.

Nitrogen oxides emissions; Control techniques; Fossil fuel combustion; Nitric acid manufacturing; Costs; Photochemical oxidants
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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Emission Standards and Engineering Division
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Wood, Gilbert H.; Davenport, Michael
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Cost Analysis
Acurex Corporation
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