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Assessment Of Industrial Hazardous Waste Practices, Organic Chemicals, Pesticides, And Explosives Industries, Final. (See U.S. EPA Headquarters Library Copy #PB251-307).

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This report is the result of a study of the "Assessment of Industrial Hazardous Waste Practices--Organic Chemicals, Pesticides and Explosives Industries." This program is intended to provide the U.S. EPA with detailed and pertinent information on the generation, management, treatment, disposal and costs related to wastes considered to be "potentially hazardous." Such information will be used by the U.S. EPA in the development of guidelines or standards for the management of hazardous wastes.
The objectives of this study were to determine, for the manufacturers of industrial organic chemical, pesticide preparations and formulations and explosives: 1) the quantities and geographic distributions of land-destined hazardous wastes, 2) present practices for treatment and disposal of land-destined hazardous wastes, 3) commercial control technology which could be applied to reduce the hazards presented by disposal of such wastes, and 4) the cost of present practices and the applicable commercial technology.

Hazardous waste; Waste treatment; Waste disposal; Organic chemicals industry; Pesticides industry; Explosives industry; Land disposal; Waste stream; Plant processes; Cost analyses
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Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
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Office of Solid Waste
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Morekas, Sam; Field, Jr., Timothy
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Cost Analysis
TRW Systems Group
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