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Assessment of Wastewater Management, Treatment Technology, and Associated Costs for Abatement of PCBs Concentrations in Industrial Effluents, Task II, Final Report.

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This document presents the findings of a study of available wastewater management and treatment technology for the purpose of determining toxic pollutant effluents concentrations and daily load achievable in three industrial categories; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) manufacturing; capacitor manufacturing; and transformer manufacturing.
All plants in the above categories have PCB discharges to either waterways or sewage treatment plants, under normal operating conditions. All plants have discharges to storm sewers or directly to waterways under heavy rainfall conditions.
For scrap oils and burnable solid wastes generated at these plants, high temperature, controlled incineration offers a straightforward method of destruction, whereas scientific landfilling appears to be the best suited mode of disposal for nonburnable contaminated solids.
Zero discharge objectives can be best achieved by eliminating discharge streams and developing recycle systems. All non-contact cooling water would be segregated, cooled, and recycled. All other wastewater streams would be pretreated. The portion of the pretreated water which would be used in the plant would be treated with carbon, while the excess water would be incinerated in a specially designed system which would allow for energy recovery.
Supporting data, rationale for the selection of above recommended treatment technologies and associated costs are contained in this report.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); PCBs manufacturer-Monsanto; Selected PCBs use-capacitors & transformers; PCBs water pollution; PCBs in land destined wastes; PCBs incineration; Wastewater treatment technologies; Carbon adsorption; UV-ozonation; Levels of treatment; Costs of treatment
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Kopp, Thomas
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Cost Analysis
Versar Inc.
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