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Environmental Impact Statement On Montreal Protocol On Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer, Final Environmental Impact Statement.

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In response to concerns about the destructive effects of ozone depletion, the United States, along with 23 other nations and the European Economic Community, recently signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Among other things, the Protocol calls for a freeze on the use of CFCs beginning in approximately 1989, a 20 percent reduction in their use beginning in 1993, and another 30 percent reduction in their use beginning in 1998. The Protocol also places a freeze on the use of Halons beginning in approximately 1992.
This Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) evaluates health and environmental effects in the United States of regulatory actions taken around the world in accordance with the Protocol. It examines the role of the stratosphere in protecting human health, welfare, and the environment; evaluates potential depletion of stratospheric ozone; and describes the environmental and human health effects of regulatory actions. In addition, this EIS estimates the social costs of regulatory action taken in the United States. This EIS examines a range of future control levels, including; (1) no controls, (2) Protocol controls, (3) controls that are less stringent than the Protocol, and (4) controls that are more stringent than the Protocol.

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Seidel, Stephen, et al.
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