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Economics Of Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Oxides, And Ash Control Systems For Coal-Fired Utility Power Plants, Final. (See U.S. EPA Headquarters Library Copy #PB85-243103).

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The report gives results of an EPA-sponsored economic evaluation of three processes to reduce NOx, SO2, and ash emissions from coal-fired utility power plants: one based on 3.5% sulfur eastern bituminous coal; and the other, on 0.7% sulfur western subbituminous coal. NOx control is based on an 80% reduction from current new source performance standards (NSPS); SO2 and fly ash control are based on meeting the current NSPS. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is used for NOx control with both coals. Limestone scrubbing and a cold-side electrostatic precipitator (ESP) are used with 3.5% sulfur coal. Lime spray dryer flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and a baghouse for particulate collection are used with one 0.7% sulfur coal; and limestone scrubbing and a hot-side ESP, with the other. The economics consist of detailed breakdowns of the capital investments and annual revenue requirements. For systems based on a 500-MW power plant, capital investments range from $167 to $187 million (333 to 373 $/kW) and the first year annual revenue requirements from $54 to $60 million (29 to 33 mills/kWh). The 3.5% sulfur coal case is highest because of the higher SO2 control costs. The case with the spray dryer and baghouse is marginally lower in cost than that with limestone scrubbing and hot-side ESP. Costs for NOx control are 25 to 50% of the total costs.

Pollution; Economics; Coal; Combustion; Utilities; Electric power plants; Nitrogen oxides; Sulfur dioxide; Fly ash; Catalysis; Scrubbers
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