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Economic And Administrative Feasibility Analysis Of Alternative New-Car NOx Emission Charge Strategies, Final Report. (See U.S. EPA Headquarters Library Copy #PB80-141617).

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The report examines the economic and administrative feasibility of using a charge, based on the level of emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from new automobiles, as a method of controlling the NOx emissions from new automobiles. The charge is considered only for NOx emission levels of 1.0 grams/mile(1.0 NOx) and below. It is assumed that the statutory emissions standards (0.41 gram/mile for hydrocarbons (HC), 3.4 grams/mile for carbon monoxide (C0), and 1.0 grams/mile for NOx) mandated to come into effect in 1981 by the Clean Air Act will be in effect during any time for which the NOx charge is contemplated. Thus the sale of automobiles with emissions greater than 1.0 NOx will be prohibited by the standard. Special attention in this report is paid to reducing NOx emissions to the research goal of 0.4 NOx contained in the Clean Air Act.

Emissions charge; Economic incentive; Auto NOx charge
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