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The Economic Impact of Vapor Control Regulations on the Bulk Storage Industry, Final Report.

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This report assesses economic impacts of several vapor control strategies which would reduce the benzene emissions of the bulk storage industry. The report seeks to: 1) identify and characterize the bulk storage industry; 2) determine the number of facility closures expected to occur because of the proposed vapor control regulations; 3) estimate the employment levels displaced by these closures; 3) calculate the national cost of installing and operating vapor control systems in the remaining bulk storage population.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has analyzed alternative regulations which would control total benzene emissions on a national basis. A significant portion of these benzene emissions is contained in the gasoline vapors released during the normal gasoline transfer operations of petroleum bulk terminals and bulk plants. Possible strategies for controlling benzene in the bulk storage industry include the on-site collection and disposal of gasoline vapors and the collection and transportation of these vapors to a common or central point within the gasoline marketing network for ultimate disposal.

Benzene emissions; Gasoline bulk terminals; Gasoline bulk plants; Marine terminals; Service stations; Vapor recovery systems; Gasoline marketing; Socio-economic factors; National VOC emissions; Economic impacts; Tank trailer vehicles
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Economic Impact Assessment
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
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