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Supporting Statement For Information Collection Request: Vehicle And Engine Service Information Amending Motor Vehicle Emission Certification And Fuel Economy Compliance, EPA ICR #1783.41.

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The proposed revisions would require vehicle manufacturers to make full text emission-related service and training information available via the World Wide Web to aftermarket service providers. Also, manufacturers would monitor the performance of their Web sites and report annually to the Administrator to ensure compliance with the regulations. These proposed revisions are updating service information availability requirements that were finalized in August of 1995. An ICR was submitted and approved that time as part of a larger ICR covering a variety of mobile source rulemakings. This ICR is submitted to supercede the original ICR given the unique nature of the new requirements.

Onboard diagnostics; Vehicle and engine service information; Administrative practice and procedure; Air pollution control; Gasoline; Diesel; Incorporation by reference; Motor vehicles; Motor vehicle pollution; Reporting and recordkeeping requirements
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Transportation and Air Quality
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Certification and Compliance Division
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Pugliese, Holly
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Background Cost-Related Document
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