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Technical And Economic Assessment Of Coal Mine Methane In Coal-Fired Utility And Industrial Boilers In Northern Appalachia And Alabama.

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Coal mine methane (CMM) emissions can occur in the form of gob gas, a by-product for which power industries are attempting to identify potential uses. One possible use of gob gas is as supplemental fuel for industrial and utility boilers delivered in dedicated pipelines. Since gob gas may be cofired with the primary fuel in a variety of existing combustion units, it can partially replace common fuels. Cofiring gob gas can provide greater value to the buyer than that of the replaced primary fuel. This report refers to an "enhanced" gob gas value, which is the sum of the avoided fuel plus associated environmental and operational benefits.
This report provides the following:

The purpose of this report is to acquaint potential coal mine operators and energy project developers with the fundamentals of project selection for cofiring gob gas with coal in utility and industrial boilers.

Coalbed methane drainage; Economic aspects; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region; Coal mines and mining--Alabama; Coal-fired power plants--Appalachian Region; Coal-fired power plants--Alabama
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Atmospheric Programs
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Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division
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Economic Impact Assessment
Alternative Energy Development, Inc. (AED)
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