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Costs And Air Quality Impacts Of Alternative National Ambient Air Quality Standards For Particulate Matter--Technical Support Document.

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This technical support document describes the analysis system used to estimate the air quality impacts and the direct industrial costs associated with implementation of alternative national ambient air quality standards for particulate (PM). These results were intended to be used in support of a Regulatory Impact Analysis of the alternative standards both directly and indirectly as input data to further economic analyses of benefits. The current system is an expansion and modification of an earlier system developed by Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA) and described in Refs 1-3. Significant modifications of the EEA system were required in order to provide, among other things, a complete, consistent treatment of growth and retirement, a consistent treatment of area sources, and the capability to handle PM10. Both systems are implemented in a series of computer codes. The schedule for review of the alternative standards did not permit a major restructuring of the earlier system to remove all known inconsistencies. The magnitude of the modifications did, however, render much of the documentation in Refs. 1-3 inapplicable to the current system so a fairly complete description of the system is given in this document.

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