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Cost And Economic Impact Assessment For Alternative Levels Of The National Ambient Air Quality Standard For Ozone.

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This report presents the results of an analysis of the potential impact of feasible changes in the national ambient air quality standard for ozone on national costs of control and the attainment status for various areas of the country. An assessment is made for 90 AQCRs of the control requirements for alternative levels of the standard. For each AQCR this analysis estimates the potential emissions in 1987 and the allowable emissions for attainment of the standard levels. Next, the analysis estimates the potential emission reduction achievable with the Federal Mobile Vehicle Control Program (FMVCP), new and modified source control, application of reasonably available control technology (RACT) on existing stationary sources and further motor vehicle controls through inspection/maintenance programs and transportation control plans. Based on the projected emission reductions, control costs are estimated for applying technology in an attempt to attain alternative standard levels. While the analysis considers each AQCR separately, the results are presented in aggregate form for all 90 AQCRs instead of each individual AQCR.

The analysis does not include a rigorous economic impact assessment on the numerous affected industries or the impact of growth restrictions on the economies of affected urbanized areas. A summary of the impact on several industries for which EPA has conducted economic impact studies is presented.

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