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Industrial Wastewater Volatile Organic Compound Emissions--Background Information For Bact/Laer Determinations, Revised Draft.

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The purpose of this CTC is to provide technical information to States on estimating and controlling volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions from the collection and treatment of industrial wastewaters for Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) determination.
Technical guidance projects, such as this information document, focus on topics of national or regional interest that are identified through contact with State and Local agencies. In this case, the CTC became interested in distributing information to States on controlling VOC emissions from industrial wastewaters. The technical document addresses new and modified major sources, as defined in Parts C and D of the Clean Air Act (CAA). Steam stripping to remove the organic compounds in certain wastewater streams at the point of generation (prior to contacting the atmosphere) is the recommended control strategy.
The document presents a description of the sources of organic containing wastewater, VOC emission estimating procedures for treatment and collection system units, and available VOC emission control strategies. In addition, secondary impacts and the control costs associated with steam stripping are presented.

Air pollution; Pollution control; Steam stripping; Volatilc Organic Compounds; BACT/LAER guidance; Industrial wastewater
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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Emission Standards Division
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Lassiter, Penny E.
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Cost Analysis
Radian Corporation
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