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Revised Standards For Basic Oxygen Process Furnaces--Background Information For Promulgated Standards, Final EIS.

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A New Source Performance Standard for secondary emissions of particulate matter from basic oxygen process furnace (BOPF) steelmaking shops is being promulgated under authority of Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. This final action is applicable to secondary emissions from any top-blown BOPF and to any hot metal transfer station or skimming station used for a bottom-blown or top-blown BOPF, for which construction, reconstruction, or modification commenced after January 20, 1983. The purpose of the final standard is to minimize BOPF secondary particulate emissions to the level attainable with the best demonstrated technology. Amendments to the existing BOPF primary standard (40 CFR 60.140, Subpart N) are also being promulgated. These amendments to Subpart N apply to primary emissions from BOPF's constructed, reconstructed, or modified after June 11, 1983, and for BOPF's constructed, reconstructed, or modified after January 20, 1983.
This document provides a summary of comments and responses to the proposed rule and changes made to the rule before promulgation. No changes were made to the estimates of nationwide economic impacts conducted for the proposed rule (A.82.17).

Air pollution; Pollution control; Standards of Performance; Basic oxygen process furnaces; Opacity; Particulates
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Bell, Doug
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Other Regulatory Background Document
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