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Establishment Of No-Discharge Zones For Discharges Incidental To The Normal Operation Of Armed Forces Vessels Under CWA Section 312(N), Information Collection Request No. 1791.02.

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Section 312(n) of the Clean Water Act ("Uniform National Discharge Standards for Vessels of the Armed Forces" or UNDS) calls for the promulgation of standards and regulations for the control of discharges (other than sewage) incidental to the normal operation of Armed Forces vessels. Once such regulations have been promulgated, States and their political subdivisions will be pre-empted from adopting or enforcing any of their own statutes or regulations regarding these discharges. However, No-discharge Zones (NDZs) may be established by either State prohibition or EPA prohibition following the procedures in proposed 40 CFR Part 139. The purpose of this ICR is to discuss the information that will be required from a State if it decides to establish a NDZ by State prohibition or apply for a NDZ by EPA prohibition.
UNDS also provides that the Governor of any State may petition EPA and the Secretary of Defense to review any determination or standards promulgated under the UNDS program if there is significant new information that could reasonably result in a change to the determination or standard. This ICR also discusses the information that will be required from a State if it decides to submit such a petition.

Uniform National Discharge Standards(UNDS); Armed Forces Vessels; No-discharge Zone(NDZ); Petition for review
Reference #:
W.98.25 A
EPA Office:
Office of Water
Office Suboffice:
Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
Office Division:
Oceans and Coastal Protection Division
EPA Author:
Beiring, Elizabeth
Document Type:
Background Cost-Related Document
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Not Reported

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