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Municipal Waste Combustors--Background Information For Proposed Standards: 111(B) Model Plant Description And Cost Report, Final Report.

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Twelve model plants are developed to represent the projected municipal waste combustor (MWC) industry. The model plants selected represent new MWC's expected to be constructed in the United States between 1990 and 1994. The model plants differ with respect to unit size and design, waste feed characteristics, heat recovery method, and flue gas emissions. The model plants provide a basis for estimating emission reduction, costs, and other impacts for various control alternatives.
Information is provided on capital and operating and maintenance (O&M) costs of the model plants and control equipment. For each model plant, an assessment of baseline and three emission control options based on costs, emission reduction, cost effectiveness, and energy and environmental impacts is provided. Baseline capital and O&M costs for each combustor type include costs of good combustion and PM control with electrostatic precipitators (ESP's). The costs of three emission control options are also presented. All costs are presented in December 1987 dollars.

Air Pollution; Municipal Waste Combustors; Incineration; Pollution Control; Costs
Reference #:
A.89.8 A
EPA Office:
Office of Air and Radiation
Office Suboffice:
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Office Division:
Emission Standards Division
EPA Author:
Johnston, Michael G.
Document Type:
Background Cost-Related Document
Radian Corporation
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