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Information Collection Request National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Phase V Synthetic Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Draft.

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In this rule, EPA is promulgating MCLGs and national primary drinking water regulations for 24 Phase V contaminants. These contaminants are divided into three groups. The first group consists of six inorganic chemicals: antimony, beryllium, cyanide, nickel, sulfate, and thallium. The second consists of three volatile synthetic organic chemicals: dichloromethane, 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, and 1,1,2-trichloromethane. The third group is made up of 15 synthetic organic chemicals. Of these nine are pesticides (dinoseb, diquat, endothall, endrin, glyphosate, oxamyl, picloram, and simazine) and six are non-pesticides (benzo(a)pyrene, di(ethylhexyl)adipate, di(ethylhexyl)phthalate, hexachlorobenzene, hexchlorocyclopentadiene, and dioxin). The regulatory initiative discussed in this document is intended to protect public health and welfare from these chemicals.

Reference #:
W.91.4 B
EPA Office:
Office of Water
Office Suboffice:
Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
Office Division:
No division specified
EPA Author:
Folsom, Steve; Kessler, Carl
Document Type:
Background Cost-Related Document
Wade Miller Associates, Inc.
Document Status:
Not Reported

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