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The Impact Of Intensive Application Of Pesticides And Fertilizers On Underground Water Recharge Areas Which May Contribute To Drinking Water Supplies: A Preliminary Review. (See U.S. EPA Headquarters Library Copy #PB251-181).

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A report was submitted on an assessment of the impact of intensive application of pesticides and fertilizers on underground water recharge areas which may contribute to drinking water supplies and also a plan for developing additional information required to define the nature and extent of the impact of agricultural practices on groundwater supplies for public water systems, as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (PL-93-523).
Both the assessment and the plan were subsumed under the four headings of nitrates, pesticides, economic impacts, and modeling and simulation.
Sources of groundwater pollutants were considered with a view towards determining their relative contribution to the overall problem. Special emphasis was placed on feedlot operation, a source of significant concern. Fertilizers, pesticides, and septic tanks were also examined, along with a detail examination of the nitrogen cycle. Economic impact of changes in agronomic practices were taken into account, and suggestions were made concerning the direction of future research effects.

Pesticides in groundwater; Fertilizers in groundwater; Groundwater; Pesticides in drinking water; Fertilizers in drinking water; Groundwater as drinking water supply; Nitrates in groundwater; Nitrates in drinking water; Phosphates in drinking water; Phosphates in groundwater; Feedlot pollution of groundwater; Septic tank pollution of groundwater; Groundwater vulnerability; Modeling groundwater contamination
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Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
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Office of Toxic Substances
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Garrett, David; Maxey, Francis P.; Katz, Herbert
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Background Cost-Related Document
Background Benefit-Related Document
Ecosystems Incorporated
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