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Dicofol: Special Review Position Document 2/3.

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This position document 2/3 (PD 2/3) describes regulatory actions to reduce the potential adverse environmental effects from registered uses of dicofol. The proposed action is based on the agency's determination that uses of dicofol contaminated with DDT and related compound (collectively referred to as DDTR) will result in unreasonable adverse effects to nontarget wildlife, especially endangered species. he guidance document , issued by the Agency in December, 1983, described the agency's concerns in detail and also set forth data and labeling requirements for continued registration of dicofol. A special review was initiated by the Agency on March 21, 1984 (49 FR 10569) and invited comments from the registrants as well as from the public. The Agency's determination of unreasonable adverse effects is based on weighing the risks and benefits of dicofol use. The Agency's analysis of the benefits of dicofol use indicated that, although economic impacts would result from cancellation, these impacts did not outweight the risks. An analysis of the benefits associated with each use reveals that alternative pesticides are available. The Agency proposes to cancel all registration for dicofol because the risks of continued use outweight the benefits.

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Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
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