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Regulatory Impact Analysis For The Specification Of Categories Of Activities As Routine Maintenance, Repair And Replacement For The New Source Review Program.

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This document contains the same analysis as A.2002.27A. Some of the explanatory text is different, but the methods and results are the same.
The purpose of this document is to provide information on the potential costs and benefits of the proposed modifications to the major NSR routine maintenance, repair, and replacement (RMRR) program. The major NSR program assures that when the construction of new major sources of pollution or major modifications at existing sources occur, the emissions that result from that construction or modification are well-controlled and are permitted consistent with the various CAA programs, such as Acid Rain, MACT, NSPS, etc.
Currently, EPA evaluates RMRR exclusions on a case-by-case basis. The rulemaking provides two approaches that reviewing authorities will consider for identifying RMRR activities in the future: an annual maintenance, repair and replacement allowance, and an allowance for certain equipment replacement of identical or functionally equivalent equipment. When an activity falls within either of these categories, then EPA would consider it to be RMRR and a source would know that is was excluded from major NSR without regard to other considerations. When an activity did not fall within one of these categories, it still could qualify as RMRR under the multi-factor test.

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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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Air Quality Strategies and Standards Division
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Mussatti, Daniel
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Cost-Benefit Analysis
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