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W.82.28Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Effluent Standards and Limitations for the Battery Manufacturing Industry. (Office - ; 1982; Availability - Yes)
A..2010.5 CEconomic Impact Analysis for the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Subparts: T, FF, TT, and II, Final Report. (Office - ; 2010; Availability - Yes)
P.2006.22Aldicarb: Human Health Risk Assessment. (Office - ; 2006; Availability - Yes)
P.2010.28Economic Analysis for the Section 4 Final Test Rule for High Production Volume Chemicals--Second Group of Chemicals, Final Report. (Office - ; 2010; Availability - Yes)
P.2010.29 CIndaziflam: Occupational and Residential Exposure Assessment for the First Food Use of the Herbicide on Citrus Fruit, Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Grapes, Tree Nuts, Pistachios and Olives. (Office - ; 2010; Availability - Yes)
P.2012.14 BParaquat Dichloride: Acute and Chronic Aggregate Dietary Exposure and Risk Assessments for the Registration Request to Add Use on Perennial Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruit Trees. (Office - ; 2012; Availability - Yes)
W.2001.20National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Filter Backwash Recyling Rule, Final Rule, FR June 8, 2001. (Office - ; 2001; Availability - Yes)
W.2002.17Background Information for Potential Small-Entity Representatives on EPA's Rulemaking Project: "Proposed Regulations to Establish Requirements for Cooling Water Intake Structures at Section 316(b) Phase III Facilities. (Office - ; 2002; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.1National Emissions Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants For Amino/Phenolic Resins Production, Final Rule, FEDERAL REGISTER January 20, 2000. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.10National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants: Metal Coil Surface Coating Industry Background Information For Proposed Standards. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Computer Icon
A.2000.11Economic Impact Analysis For The Proposed Rubber Tire Manufacturing NESHAP. (Office - OAR; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.12Evaluation of On Board Diagnostics For Use In Detecting Malfunctioning And High Emitting Vehicles. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.13Draft Technical Support Document For "Amendments To Vehicle Inspection Maintenance Program Requirements Incorporating The Onboard Diagnostic Check; Proposed Amendment To The Final Rule". (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.142018 Milestone Benefits Assessment Of BART Reductions In 9 Western States. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Computer Icon
A.2000.15Economic Impact Analysis Of The Leather Tanning And Finishing Operations NESHAP, Final Report. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.16NOx Emissions Control Costs For Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines In The NOx SIP Call States, Revised Final Report. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.17Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Updated Information On NOx Emissions And Control Techniques, Revised Final Report. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.18NOx Control Technologies For The Cement Industry, Final Report. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.19Supporting Statement For ICR Reporting And Recordkeeping Requirements Of The Consolidated Federal Air Rule For The Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.2National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants For Secondary Aluminum Production, Final Rule, EDERAL REGISTER March 23, 2000. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.20Economic Impact Analysis For The Proposed Cyanide Chemicals Manufacturing NESHAP. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.21Economic Impact Analysis For The Proposed Spandex Production NESHAP, Draft. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.22Field Demonstration Of Permeable Reactive Barriers To Remove Dissolved Uranium From Groundwater, Fry Canyon, Utah--Interim Report. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.23Technical Support Document For Reformulated Gasoline Adjustment Rule. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.24Economic Impact Analysis: Small Municipal Waste Combustors--Emissions Guidelines And New Source Performance Standards, Final. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.25Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Technical Support Document For NOx SIP Call Proposal. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Computer Icon
A.2000.26 APerformance And Cost Of Mercury Emission Control Technology Applications On Electric Utility Boilers. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.26 BMercury Control Cost Calculations: Assumptions, Approach, And Results. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)Globe Icon
A.2000.27 AEconomic Impact Analysis And SBREFA Screening For Large Appliance MACT. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)
A.2000.27 BNational Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) For Source Category: Large Appliances Surface Coating Operations - Background Information For Proposed Standards. (Office - ; 2000; Availability - Yes)

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