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Phosphate Rock Plants--Background Information For Promulgated Standards, EIS Final.

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Standards of performance for the control of particulate and visible emissions from phosphate rock plants are being promulgated under the authority of Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. These standards apply only to phosphate rock dryers, calciners, grinders and ground rock storage and handling systems for which construction or modification began on or after September 21, 1979. This document contains comments received on the proposed standards and responses to those comments. The promulgated standards will limit particulate emissions from all dryers and from calciners processing unbeneficiated rock to 0.03 and 0.12 kg/Mg, respectively. Particulate emissions from beneficiated rock calciners will be limited to 0.055 kg/Mg. Visible emissions from all dryers and calciners will be limited to 10 percent opacity. Particulate emissions from grinders will be limited to 0.066 kg/Mg with 0 percent opacity. Visible emissions from ground rock storage and handling systems will be limited to 0 percent opacity.
This document provides a summary of comments and responses on the proposed rule and discusses the changes since proposal.

Air pollution; Pollution control; Standards of Performance; Phosphate rock plants; Particulate matter
Reference #:
A.82.13 A
EPA Office:
Office of Air and Radiation
Office Suboffice:
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Office Division:
Emission Standards and Engineering Division
EPA Author:
Crenshaw, John D.
Document Type:
Other Regulatory Background Document
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