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Municipal Waste Combustors--Background Information for Proposed Standards: Control of NOx Emissions, Final Report.

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This report characterizes nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from municipal waste combustors (MWC's) and assesses the performance and costs associated with controlling NOx emissions. Available data on NOx emissions from MWC's are summarized. Various control technologies for reducing NOx emissions, both combustion modifications and add-on controls, are reviewed. Performance data and operational experience for NOx controls which have been applied to MWC's are presented.
Cost algorithms are developed for Thermal DeNOx, one of the add-on control technologies that has been applied to several new MWC's. The cost algorithms for Thermal DeNOx are used to estimate annualized NOx control costs and cost-effectiveness values for twelve model plants representative of new MWC's. The sensitivity of Thermal DeNOx annualized costs and cost effectiveness to variations in ammonia and electricity costs is also investigated.

Air pollution; Municipal waste combustors; Incineration; Pollution control; Nitrogen oxides
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A.89.8 C
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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Background Cost-Related Document
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