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Economic Analysis of Proposed Effluent Guidelines for the Dairy Processing Industry, Final Report.

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The economic impacts of proposed effluent guidelines on the dairy pocessing industry were assessed. The following industry segments were included: creamery butter (SIC 2021); cheese (2022); condensed and evaporated milk (2023); ice cream and frozen desserts (2024); and fluid milk (2026). The analysis included classification and description of types of firms and plants, evaluation of price mechanisms and price relationships; and description of analytical procedures employed. The financial impact of proposed effluent treatment technology was assessed in terms of prices, industry returns, volume of production, employment, community impacts and international trade.

Water pollution; Economic analysis; Economics; Butter; Cheese; Condensed and evaporated milk; Fluid milk; Ice cream; Dairy processing; Pollution; Industrial wastes; Economic demand; Supply prices; Variable costs; Fixed costs; Fixed investment; Discounted cash flow
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W.73.3 A
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Multiple offices
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Office of Water - Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation
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No division specified
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Economic Impact Assessment
Development Planning and Research Associates, Inc.
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