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Economic Impact Study Of The Pollution Abatement Equipment Industry.

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The objective of this study was to analyze the economic impact of environmental standards on the industries providing pollution abatement equipment to be required by both industry and government. This objective is accomplished through: (1) a characterization of the air and water pollution control equipment industries; (2) an analysis of demand for their products and services; and (3) an evaluation of the impact of that demand upon those industries. The demand and impact analyses are performed under assumptions of three alternative futures for the 1972-80 period. A Baseline scenario extrapolates pollution abatement activity from a base year predating major environmental legislation. A Federal Compliance Schedule simulates on-time enforcement of existing standards. An Expected Compliance Schedule reflects the contractor's forecast of what may alternatively occur.
The pollution abatement industries analyzed in this study include air pollution control equipment (for particulate and gaseous emissions from stationary sources), water pollution control equipment, instrumentation for air or water pollution abatement, and chemicals for water pollution control.

Economic analysis; Industries; Pollution; Air pollution control equipment; Sewage treatment; Industrial waste treatment; Demand (Economics); Forecasting; Impact; Economic factors; Chemical industry; Measuring instruments; Air pollution control; Water pollution control
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Economic Impact Assessment
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
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