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Economic Impact Analysis Of National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants: Site Remediation, Final Draft.

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The final rule would implement Section 112(d) of the CAA by requiring those affected site remediation activities to meet emission limitation, operating limit, and work practice standards reflecting the application of the maximum achievable control technology (MACT). The economic impact analyses focused on a set of industries that were known to be large quantity generators of hazardous waste who were generating hazardous and non-hazardous waste as part of a site remediation in 1997 as reported in the BRS database. The Agency believes that the data provide an overview of the potential impacts of the rule. The Agency employed an engineering or financial analysis that takes the form of estimating impacts through the ratio of compliance costs to the value of sales (cost-to-sales ratio or CSR) using total industry revenues, control costs, and accounting measures of profit.

Economic impacts; Small business impacts; Social costs
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