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Preliminary Use And Substitutes Analysis Of Lead And Cadmium In Products In Municipal Solid Waste.

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In 1989, EPA issued a report entitled 'Characterization of Products Containing Lead and Cadmium in Municipal Solid Waste in the U.S., 1970 to 2000.' The current report examineS technologically feasible lead and cadmium substitutes for each of the product identified in the 1989 report. To provide perspective on the sources of lead and cadmium in MSW, Table SR-1 provides estimates for 1986 discards of both metal in each product use area. The report should be considered as a preliminary analyis due to the limitation of its scope. EPA has not performed primary research to identify the substitutes for lead and cadmium described in the report. Only substances identified in published sources or by industry contacts and that were known or considered to be potential substitues have been included in the analysis.

Cadmum; Solid waste diposal; Lead (metal); Pollution control; Municipal waste; Substitutes; Estimates; Industries; Cost analysis; Batteries; Disposal; Metal plates; Soldering; Feasibility studies; Plastics; Incinerators; Tables(Data); Heavy metals; Thermoplastics; Point source; Nonpoint sources
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