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Standard Support and Environmental Impact Statement, Volume 2: Promulgated Emission Standard for Vinyl Chloride.

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A national emission standard for vinyl chloride emitted from ethylene dichloride-vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride plants is being promulgated under the authority of Section 112 of the Clean Air Act. Vinyl chloride has been implicated as the causal agent of angiosarcoma and other serious disorders, both carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic, in people with occupational exposure and in animals with experimental exposure to vinyl chloride. The purpose of the standard is to minimize vinyl chloride emissions from all known process and fugitive emission sources in ethylene dichloride-vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride plants in the level attainable with best available control technology. It also contains updated information concerning the environmental and inflationary impacts of the standard.

Air pollution; Pollution control; Hazardous pollutants; Emission standards; Vinyl chloride; Vinylchloride plants; Polyvinyl chloride plants; Ethylene dichloride plants
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