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Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory: by Document Type

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Show details for Background Benefit-Related DocumentBackground Benefit-Related Document
Show details for Background Cost-Related DocumentBackground Cost-Related Document
Show details for Benefit AnalysisBenefit Analysis
Show details for Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) SectionCode of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section
Show details for Community Impact AssessmentCommunity Impact Assessment
Show details for Cost-Benefit AnalysisCost-Benefit Analysis
Show details for Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisCost-Effectiveness Analysis
Show details for Cost AnalysisCost Analysis
Show details for Economic Impact AssessmentEconomic Impact Assessment
Show details for Environmental Impact StatementEnvironmental Impact Statement
Show details for Environmental Justice AssessmentEnvironmental Justice Assessment
Show details for Federal Register (FR) NoticeFederal Register (FR) Notice
Show details for Legal Background DocumentLegal Background Document
Show details for Other DocumentOther Document
Show details for Other Equity-Related AssessmentOther Equity-Related Assessment
Show details for Other Regulatory Background DocumentOther Regulatory Background Document
Hide details for Regulatory Flexibility AnalysisRegulatory Flexibility Analysis
Addendum: Regulatory Impact Analysis And Regulatory Flexibility Analysis For The Detergent Certification Program . (1996)Computer IconNot Reported
Assessment of the Potential Costs, Benefits, and Other Impacts of the Expansion of the RCRA Comparable Fuel Exclusion, Final Rule. (2008)Final
Draft Regulatory Impact Analysis And Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Gasoline Detergent Additive Program. (1993)Draft
Draft Regulatory Support Document And Regulatory Flexibility Analysis: Fuels And Fuel Additives Registration Regulations. (1994)Draft
Draft Regulatory Support Document: Control Of Emissions From Unregulated Nonroad Engines. (2001)Draft
Economic Analysis For Final Rule: Revisions To The Underground Injection Control Regulation For Class V Injection Wells. (1999)Final
Economic Analysis Of Air Pollution Regulations: Pharmaceutical Industry, Final Report. (1996)Final
Economic Analysis Of Proposed Effluent Limitation Guidelines And New Source Performance Standards For The Construction And Development Category. (2002)Computer IconNot Reported
Economic Analysis Of Proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines And Standards For The Meat And Poultry Products Industry. (2002)Computer IconFinal
Economic Analysis Of The Proposed Revisions To The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Regulation And The Effluent Guidelines For Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. (2001)Computer IconFinal
Economic Analysis, Regulatory Flexibility Act Screening Analysis, And Paperwork Reduction Act Information Collection Request Analysis For Proposed Revisions To Part 70 Operating Permits Regulations, Draft. (1994)Draft
Economic Impact Analysis And Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Of Air Pollution Regulations: Architectural And Industrial Maintenance Coatings, Draft. (1996)Globe IconDraft
Economic Impact Analysis For The Petroleum Refineries(Catalytic Cracking, Catalytic Reforming, And Sulfur Plant Units) NESHAP, Revised Draft - Proposal. (1997)Draft

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