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Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory: by Document Type

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Show details for Background Benefit-Related DocumentBackground Benefit-Related Document
Show details for Background Cost-Related DocumentBackground Cost-Related Document
Show details for Benefit AnalysisBenefit Analysis
Show details for Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) SectionCode of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section
Show details for Community Impact AssessmentCommunity Impact Assessment
Show details for Cost-Benefit AnalysisCost-Benefit Analysis
Show details for Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisCost-Effectiveness Analysis
Show details for Cost AnalysisCost Analysis
Show details for Economic Impact AssessmentEconomic Impact Assessment
Show details for Environmental Impact StatementEnvironmental Impact Statement
Show details for Environmental Justice AssessmentEnvironmental Justice Assessment
Show details for Federal Register (FR) NoticeFederal Register (FR) Notice
Show details for Legal Background DocumentLegal Background Document
Show details for Other DocumentOther Document
Show details for Other Equity-Related AssessmentOther Equity-Related Assessment
Hide details for Other Regulatory Background DocumentOther Regulatory Background Document
Air Emissions From Municipal Solid Waste Landfills - Background Information For Final Standards And Guidelines, Final. (1995)Computer IconFinal
Alternative Control Techniques Document: Offset Lithographic Printing-- Supplemental Information Based On Public Comment On Draft Control Techniques Guideline Announced In Federal Register On November 8, 1993. (1994)Final
Analysis Of Potential Trade-Offs In Regulation Of Disinfection By-Products. (1992)Not Reported
Analytical Methods Support Document For Arsenic In Drinking Water. (1999)Computer IconNot Reported
Appendix A: Background Document For The Listing Of Primary And Secondary Oil/Water/Solids Separation Sludges From The Treatment Of Petroleum Refinery Wastewaters -- Recorded Environmental Damages. (1990)Not Reported
Automobile And Light-Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations--Background Information For Promulgated Standards, Final Environmental Impact Statement. (1980)Final
Automobile And Light-Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations--Background Information For Proposed Standards, Draft Environmental Impact Statement. (1979)Draft
Background Document-- Final Rule: Closure/Post-Closure And Financial Responsibility Requirements, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, And Disposal Facilities. (1986)Final
Background Document Clarifying The Scope Of Petroleum Hazardous Waste Listings: Supplemental Information Regarding Petroleum Hydroprocessing Units. (2002)Computer IconNot Reported
Background Document For Land Disposal Restrictions--Organobromine Production Wastes (Final Rule): Capacity Analysis And Response To Capacity-Related Comments. (1998)Final
Background Document On Foam Products Made With Class II Substances, Draft. (1993)Draft
Background Information On Development Of National Emission Standards For Hazardous Air Pollutants: Asbestos, Beryllium, And Mercury. (1973)Not Reported
Benzene Fugitive Emissions--Background Information For The Promulgated Standards, Environmental Impact Statement. (1982)Final
Beverage Can Surface Coating Industry--Background Information For Promulgated Standards Of Performance, EIS. (1983)Final

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