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Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory: by Assessment Topic

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Show details for Air - Acid RainAir - Acid Rain
Show details for Air - Ambient Air Quality StandardsAir - Ambient Air Quality Standards
Show details for Air - Coalbed MethaneAir - Coalbed Methane
Show details for Air - Global Climate ChangeAir - Global Climate Change
Show details for Air - Indoor Air PollutionAir - Indoor Air Pollution
Hide details for Air - Mobile Source RegulationAir - Mobile Source Regulation
Show details for Aircraft Emissions - Impact AnalysisAircraft Emissions - Impact Analysis
Show details for Airport NoiseAirport Noise
Show details for Alternative-Fueled VehiclesAlternative-Fueled Vehicles
Show details for Boutique FuelsBoutique Fuels
Hide details for Clean Fuel Fleet ProgramClean Fuel Fleet Program
Draft Regulatory Impact Analysis: Clean Fuel Fleet Program. (1994)Regulatory Impact AnalysisDraft1994
Emissions Standards For Heavy-Duty Clean-Fuel Fleets Regulatory Support Document, Draft. (1993)Cost-Effectiveness Analysis,Economic Impact AssessmentDraft1993
Final Clean Fuel Fleet Program: Definitions And General Provisions, FEDERAL REGISTER December 9, 1993. (1993)Federal Register (FR) NoticeFinal1993
Final Emission Standards For Clean-Fuel Vehicles And Engines, Requirements For Clean-Fuel Vehicle Conversions, And California Pilot Test Program, 40 Code Of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 9, 86, And 88, Final Rule, FEDERAL REGISTER, 1994 . (1994)Federal Register (FR) NoticeFinal1994
Regulatory Impact Analysis Clean Fuel Fleet Program, Draft. (1993)Regulatory Impact AnalysisDraft1993
Show details for Compliance Program for Motor VehiclesCompliance Program for Motor Vehicles
Show details for Compressed Natural Gas as a Vehicle FuelCompressed Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel
Show details for Emission Charge Strategies for New-Car NOx EmissionsEmission Charge Strategies for New-Car NOx Emissions
Show details for Emission Standards for Gasoline-Powered Light-Duty VehiclesEmission Standards for Gasoline-Powered Light-Duty Vehicles
Show details for Federal Test Procedure RevisionsFederal Test Procedure Revisions
Show details for Fuels and Fuel Additives Registration and Certification RegulationsFuels and Fuel Additives Registration and Certification Regulations
Show details for Gaseous and Particulate Emissions RegulationsGaseous and Particulate Emissions Regulations
Show details for Gasoline Detergent Additives Registration and CertificationGasoline Detergent Additives Registration and Certification
Show details for Gasoline Distribution Emissions - Bulk Terminals/Pipelines/USTsGasoline Distribution Emissions - Bulk Terminals/Pipelines/USTs
Show details for Gasoline Distribution Emissions - Regulatory StrategyGasoline Distribution Emissions - Regulatory Strategy
Show details for Gasoline Distribution Emissions - Vapor Recovery at Service StationsGasoline Distribution Emissions - Vapor Recovery at Service Stations
Show details for Gasoline Distribution Emissions - Vehicle Onboard ControlsGasoline Distribution Emissions - Vehicle Onboard Controls
Show details for Gasoline Volatility ControlsGasoline Volatility Controls
Show details for Heavy-Duty Clean-Fuel FleetsHeavy-Duty Clean-Fuel Fleets

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