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Due to limited funding, NCEE is not advertising to fill new summer internship positions for economics projects in 2012.

When funding permits, NCEE tries to support summer positions for persons seeking job experience in environmental policy and economic analysis. Most of these positions are established as summer internships, though there may be occasions where year-round employment opportunities arise. We invite students in departments such as Economics, Social Sciences, Computer Science, and Public Policy to take a closer look at the opportunities we provide.

The following is a sample job announcement for a summer intern position we filled in 2009.

Position Description:
EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) is actively engaged in efforts to advance the analytical tools used to address the environmental justice (EJ) implications of environmental regulations. This summer intern project will involve supporting several activities related to EJ and the rulemaking process. First, the summer intern will conduct a comprehensive literature review of the economics and related literature addressing EJ issues. While there is an extensive line of literature examining the EJ issues at specific hazardous or other waste sites in specific communities, less work has been done on the EJ issues as they pertain to air and water pollutants or a larger geographic scale (i.e., national or regional). In addition, there are a number of answered analytic questions that arise from the existing literature, such as how to properly measure the baseline, the appropriate unit of analysis and how to define a threshold for a “disproportionate impact.” In order to inform these issues NCEE is planning a small workshop in late Fall 2009 to bring together key experts who will address these and other issues. As part of the background information that will inform the issues this workshop will address NCEE needs a comprehensive literature review of the analytic studies conducted in the last few decades on EJ and environmental regulation. This review will include studies that examine site specific analysis of hazardous waste facilities, as well as a summary of studies conducted for other pollutants and on different geographic scales. The literature review will need to highlight analytic tools, key issues and limitations and directions for future research. Second, the summer intern will review and summarize regulatory impact analyses that have been conducted on specific environmental regulations. Several economically significant regulations have conducted EJ analyses as part of the rulemaking effort. In order to inform future efforts in this regard it is important to have a comprehensive review of the analyses, the rules to which they apply, key limitations, and results. Third, this position will provide opportunities to engage on other EJ issues as they arise, such as assisting in developing interim memos that will provide information to other EPA offices on EJ analyses. Finally, this position will provide for approximately 20 percent time to pursue other research or projects of interest. This project is ideal for a Master’s candidate or Ph.D. candidate with an interest in equity considerations in environmental regulation.

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